Educational Schemes

1 Smt. Vimalaben and Shri Chimanlal Keshavlal Mehta Education Fund for Financial Assistance for Basic Education
2 Pran Trust – Geeta Pranlal Mehta Education Fund for Medical Studies
3 Shri Nagindas Jethalal Mehta Education Fund for Law Studies
4 CDPMM Interest Subsidy on Educational Loans for Professional, Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies
5 Shri Kantilal Sankalchand Sheth Scholastic Medal for Medical Studies (Medicine and Surgery)

Financial Assistance

1 Financial Assistance to Needy Families for Educational Medical and Social (Subsistence) Expenses

Important Information:

All members are informed that everyone who is under BPL, as per Mahamandal norms, must apply in prescribed forms to the Secretary, Ahmedabad office.

Please note that such application forms must be recommended by their respective area Karobari members.

Last submission date of forms for different schemes is as shown below for every year

1. Financial Assistance – 30th June
2. Educational Assistance – 30th August
3. Educational Price, Medals etc. – 30th September

Incomplete applications will not be accepted for further processing

Also, Mahamandal will reimburse cost of Insurance Premium for One Lakh rupees policy to those persons who have been granted assistance under BPL scheme. Please note that generally members up to 79 years of age can avail insurance.