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Shree Chargam Dasha Porwad Mahamandal

Financial Assistance to Needy Families for Educational Medical and Social (Subsistence) Expenses

Managing Committee of CDPMM is considering to extend limited financial assistance to the needy families who are eligible as per one or more of the following criteria:

  • Families who have difficulties in meeting basic educational expenses for their children.

  • Families who have difficulties in meeting major medical expenses for their families.

  • Families who have difficulties in meeting daily living or subsistence expenses for their families.

Eligibility will be further subject to income criteria that total income of all the family members should be below Rs. 3 lacs and average per capita income should be below Rs. 60,000/- per annum.

Amount of assistance available to a family would depend upon the budget available from the estimated income surplus for the current year and number of needy eligible families. The aforesaid income criteria are subject to change. Decision of the sub-committee formed by Managing Committee for this purpose shall be final. Names of the families applying for assistance would be kept confidential and shall not be disclosed in CDPMM meetings, CDP Samachar (News-letter) or other communications.

Managing Committee members who may be in know of eligible families deserving assistance are requested to explain the scheme to them and facilitate submission of their applications to the President in confidence.

Main member of the family desirous of availing of financial assistance should submit his/ her application in the prescribed pro-forma in strict confidence, to the President through a Managing Committee member of respective city/ town or directly with all supporting information.

Important Note:

Last submission date of forms for different schemes is as shown below for every year

1. Financial Assistance – 30th June
2. Educational Assistance – 30th August
3. Educational Price, Medals etc. – 30th September

Incomplete applications will not be accepted for further processing.

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