Welcome to Shree Chargam Dasha Porwad Mahamandal (CDPMM).

Chargam Dasha Porwad Community (CDPC) comprises of families of Dasha Porwad Vaishnav Vaniks originally hailing from four towns/ villages namely, Santrampur, Malvan, Lunavada and Virpur in Gujarat state of India.

As you may be aware, Maha-Adhiveshan (Conference) of families of CDPC from various parts of India and abroad was held on 30th Jan. 2011 at Ahmedabad. It was decided to form Mahamandal (Federation) of CDPC and constitution committee was formed under Shri Bharatkumar Jayantilal Mehta as Convenor, who was later elected unanimously as the first Founder President, for a term of 2 years ending 31-3-2014. The constitution was approved by Constitution Committee along with representatives from the community on 16th October 2011 at Vadodara. The same day, first representative Managing Committee of nominated members was formed in terms of the approved constitution. Thus, CDPMM, promoted by the following local Chargam Dasha Porwad Mandals (CDPMs) came into existence with effect from 16th October 2011.

  1. Shree Chargam Dasha Porwad Vanik Mandal, Ahmedabad
  2. Shree Chargam Dasha Porwad Mandal, Mumbai
  3. Shree Chargam Dasha Porwad Mandal, Godhra
  4. Shree Chargam Dasha Porwad Mandal, Santrampur, Malvan, Lunavada and Virpur

Initially, we are pleased to present following basic information about CDPMM right away in this interim website. Official website is under conceptualization and design.

  1. Vision and Overall Objectives of CDPMM
  2. Constitution of CDPMM (Summary and Detailed Text in English and Gujarati)
  3. Membership Aspects and Application Form
  4. Contacts Details

Membership activities are progressing well. We urge upon each one of Chargam Dasha Porwad families to become member by forwarding the completed application form with cheque for membership fee at the earliest possible date. We also request prospective members to send donations/ contributions for becoming Founder Members and Donors right from the beginning of formation of CDPMM.

Kind regards and best wishes to all member families and Jai Jai Shree Gokulesh.