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Membership to Shree Chargam Dasha Porwad Mahamandal (CDPMM) is open to CDP families staying anywhere in the world.

A. Membership Category and Fee Structure

There will be only one membership category, namely ‘Life Member’.  This is a family membership. Membership is open to all families of CDPC including daughters married into non-CDPC. Life Membership fee per Member Family has been decided at Rs. 2,500/- (Rupees Two thousand Five hundred only).

B. Member Family

Membership would be for a ‘family’. ‘Family’ is defined as a unit consisting of Head Member, his/her spouse, his/her parents, his/her sons/daughters, married or otherwise, provided all are staying under one roof.

However, his/her Married sons/daughters, his/her parents, as referred to in the above para, may opt to become a member of CDPMM independently, even-though they happen to stay under one roof.

All eligible families are to be encourage to become life member of CDPMM.

C. Daughters Married into non-CDPC

Family of CDP daughter/ sister married into non-CDPC with Hindu culture is eligible to become Life Member of CDPMM, like any CDP family, with all membership benefits. However her next generation family (i.e. CDP daughters’ son or daughter married into non-CDP family) is not eligible to become member of CDPMM.

D. Dependent Parents with Insufficient Means

Parents and elderly persons who do not have sufficient means to look after themselves are not automatically included in ‘Family’ of their son/ daughter. Their son or daughter who normally looks after them (or any one of sons/ daughters looking after them) is required him/herself to be a primary member of CDPMM and pay additional membership fee equal to 25% of normal fees, for inclusion of dependent parent(s) as additional persons in their primary membership.

Note: Parents and elderly persons having sufficient means to look after them are not eligible for such concession; they are required to maintain their separate membership.

E. Dependent Person(s)/ Family with Insufficient Means

When any person(s)/ family with insufficient means is (are) dependent on any other person/ family or on CDPC in general, membership committee may at its discretion accept such person(s) or family as member, on receipt of appropriate concessional fee, either from him/ her or any other member willing to adopt him/ her/ them and pay for the membership fees (or from local CDPM to which he/ she/ family may belong). Such concessional fees shall not be less than 25% of normal fees. This provision is to be used only in exceptional circumstances for a few deserving and needy persons/ families.

F. Membership of Local CDPM

Prior membership of local CDPM in the place of residence is a requirement for becoming member of CDPMM (except as noted below). However membership of local CDPM does not automatically entitle a member to membership of CDPMM.

Cities and towns where there are at least 20 families of CDPC should have a local CDPM. Membership criteria, fees, rules, regulations and such other aspects of local CDPMs are to be decided by CDP families in those cities/ towns.

Note: For scattered families not staying close to any local CDPM, requirement of prior membership of local CDPM may be waived.

G. Membership of CDPMM a Pre-requisite

Effective Life Membership at the time of participation in activities or availing facilities or benefits from CDPMM is a pre-requisite. (This however does not apply to beneficiaries of welfare activities for other families/ communities in the neighborhoods or society at large.)

H. Review of Membership Fees/ Contributions/ Donation Amounts

Membership fees and minimum qualifying contribution/ donation amounts for various ‘titles’ as stated hereafter would be subject to upward review from time to time. However there would be minimum 3 years duration between two consecutive upward revisions in such fees/ amounts.

Information to members

Members would be kept duly informed about realistic plans for development and growth of CDPMM and introduction of various activities, benefits and facilities. Each member would be appropriately communicated about progress and achievements in respect of CDPMM’s programmes and activities periodically.

Expectations from Members/ Code of Conduct

  1. To build mutual trust, goodwill, empathy and respect for fellow CDPMM families and CDPC at large.

  2. To display high level of equity, honesty, integrity and truthfulness while participating in the activities of CDPMM and local CDPM and availing of benefits, facilities and recognition.

  3. To encourage ambition, development and growth for self and fellow member families in all aspects of life as a whole, through positive thinking.

  4. To support and strengthen activities of CDPMM and local CDPMs through participation, communications (suggestions, views and feedback), voluntary services and financial support, to the extent best possible and set good examples among CDPMM, CDPMs, neighborhoods and society at large.

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We request you to come forward and become life member of CDPMM right away. You can download Membership Application Form here. You can also contact any of the members on Membership Sub-committee (names given above) or Office Bearers for Membership inquiries.